Month: March 2016

Recent case: Police enforcement clauses

mom consoling toddler girl

The case of Patterson v Powell 2014 ONSC 1419 addresses the issue of police enforcement clauses in custody and access orders. Justice Pazaratz is not inclined to include these clauses. The enforceability of family court orders is a serious issue

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Can the Ghomeshi trial lead to change?

Thursday’s verdict of not guilty on all charges in the the trial of Jian Ghomeshi was no surprise to anyone. But in reaching acquittal, Justice William Horkins waded further into the controversies outside the courtroom than strictly necessary for his

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Luke’s Place Legal Director on the Ghomeshi Case

Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, speaks with CBC Radio on the Ghomeshi case. The judge’s not-guilty verdict on the sexual assault trial was released today. Pamela’s radio schedule: Iqaluit – 6:20AM Windsor – 6:40AM – Windsor Morning Ontario –

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Recent case: Joint custody not appropriate

In the case of Moreira v Garcia Dominguez 2012 ONCJ 128, the mother sought an order for sole custody of the couple’s son, born in 2003, with regular access to the father and the father sought an order for joint

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Tips on dealing with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer

mom consoling toddler girl

Many of the women we work with become involved with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (the OCL). This FAQ provides some background information about the OCL, how it can become involved in a custody and access dispute and the

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Recent case: Sole custody order replaces joint custody

woman's hand holding a child's hand

In the case of S.S. v S.K. 2013 ONCJ 432, the court imposed a sole custody order in a situation where the parents had previously had joint custody of their 8-year-old daughter. The child’s primary residence was with the mother

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