Month: May 2016

Recent case: Obligation to foster relationship with other parent

flower handed by a child to a woman

In the case of Ene v Ene 2015 ONSC 867, the mother brought a motion seeking a number of orders including sole custody and primary residence of the 5-year-old daughter. The older daughter, who was 16, lived with the father,

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What should I do if a lawyer doesn’t want me to attend a meeting with a woman I am supporting?

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This resource draws heavily from “Privilege, Confidentiality, Third Parties Attending Interviews, Duty to Report, and Exceptions” prepared by Gerard J. Michaud, Lawyer Manager, Family Law Service Centre (Peel), August 16, 2012. Many thanks to Luke’s Place volunteer lawyer Emilie Garant,

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Luke’s Place Legal Director on Ghomeshi and the Peace Bond

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Pamela Cross, Luke’s Place Legal Director, has spoken with a number of different media outlets: Metro Morning – Statement about Ghomeshi Toronto Star – What is a peace bond and how do they work? Toronto Star – Jian Ghomeshi’s legal

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Recent case: Motion for summary judgment for sole custody and no access

mom consoling toddler girl

In the case of E.A. v F.A.S 2014 ONSC 2761, the mother brought a motion for summary judgment for sole custody of the child with no access to the father. Summary judgments are set out in Rule 16 of the

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Recent case: Moving with children

woman's hand holding a child's hand

Thie v Thie 2014 ABCA 249, Dedes v Dedes 2015 BCCA 194, both dealing with the ability of a mother to move with the children, are of interest to us in Ontario because both are decided under the Divorce Act

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