Month: February 2017

When does Canada recognize a divorce from another country?

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This issue can arise in a number of contexts: a woman has moved to Canada after obtaining a divorce in her country of origin a woman returns to her country of origin and obtains a divorce while she is there

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Can a woman limit her ex-partner’s use of social media?

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UPDATED (June 2017) Use of social media has reached almost unbelievable levels. According to Facebook, more than 1.94 billion people around the world are active members, Twitter claims to have almost a billion accounts and there are 700 active users

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Recent case: Judge upholds marriage contract

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Toscano v Toscano 2015 ONSC 487 Ms Toscano entered into a marriage contract when she married Mr. Toscano in which the two of them agreed to be separate as to property: that neither would make a claim against the other

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Managing work-related stress

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As a Valentine to all service providers in this sector, Luke’s Place offers a narrated presentation on managing work-related stress. Stress is an inherent part of the work we do. While you cannot control the presence of stress, you can

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Unfounded: Police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault cases as “baseless”

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Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, is interviewed about sexual assault in response to the Globe and Mail article, “Unfounded.” The Globe investigation, conducted by Robin Doolittle, explores how police respond to sexual assault allegations. The result is a national

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