Luke’s Place Virtual Legal Clinic

computer with 2 people on the screen
The Luke’s Place Virtual Legal Clinic provides women with free legal advice on family law issues. We use a web-based video conferencing program (like Skype) or the telephone to connect women to lawyers.

You can use the Virtual Legal Clinic if you are a woman who:

  • is involved with one of our partnering woman’s shelters in Northeastern, Northwestern or rural Eastern Ontario
  • has experienced violence in your relationship
  • are involved in a family law process
  • has a legal issue for which you wish to receive summary legal advice (your support worker can help you with this)
  • does not have a lawyer
  • can commit to preparing and arriving on time for a meeting with a lawyer

computer with 1 person on the screen
Before you meet with a lawyer, a support worker at the shelter will help you prepare. She may join with you at the meeting to take notes. After the meeting, she will help you follow through on the next steps in your case.

Luke’s Place

  • screens and trains the lawyers
  • trains and support the shelters
  • coordinates the video-conference or telephone meetings

If you live in Northeastern, Northwestern or rural Eastern Ontario, contact your local women’s shelter to get support and meeting with a lawyer through the Virtual Legal Clinic.

This service was developed with support from the Law Foundation of Ontario. Luke’s Place is solely responsible for all content.