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Opposing Bill S-202: Joint custody is dangerous when there is a history of abuse

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On December 13, 2017, Luke’s Place Legal Director Pamela Cross made a submission to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs about Bill S-202. Pamela made the submission on behalf of the National Association of Women and the

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When does Canada recognize a divorce from another country?

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This issue can arise in a number of contexts: a woman has moved to Canada after obtaining a divorce in her country of origin a woman returns to her country of origin and obtains a divorce while she is there

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Recent case: Recognition of foreign divorce

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Essa v Mekawi 2014 ONSC 7400 The parties were married in Egypt under the marriage laws of that country. Both of them are Egyptian citizens. In addition, the father is a Canadian citizen and the mother has permanent resident status

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What is a “Jewish divorce”?

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In Canada, marriage is ended by way of a civil divorce, pursuant to the terms of the Divorce Act. As well as terminating the marriage, a civil divorce can address what are known as “corollary issues” such as custody and

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