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Can a woman limit her ex-partner’s use of social media?

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UPDATED (June 2017) Use of social media has reached almost unbelievable levels. According to Facebook, more than 1.94 billion people around the world are active members, Twitter claims to have almost a billion accounts and there are 700 active users

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Recent case: Judge upholds marriage contract

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Toscano v Toscano 2015 ONSC 487 Ms Toscano entered into a marriage contract when she married Mr. Toscano in which the two of them agreed to be separate as to property: that neither would make a claim against the other

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Recent case law: Waiving property rights in a prenuptial agreement

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As you know, couples can write cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements and marriage contracts which set out the terms of their relationship and, often more importantly, what will happen if the relationship ends. And, couples can write separation agreements at the

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Court overturns domestic contract: Recent case law

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When a domestic contract is enforceable is the main issue in a recent case – Martin v Sansome 2014 ONCA 14 – decided by the Court of Appeal for Ontario. The parties were married for 10 years. The husband’s parents

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What are domestic contracts?

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Domestic contracts are legal agreements entered into by people wishing to set their own terms in their relationships with one another and include cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. To be legally binding, the contract must be in writing

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Will the family court enforce a mahr?

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Mahr is a form of marriage agreement in which the husband promises to pay his wife (in cash or other forms of property) if the marriage ends or if he dies. Muslim marriage contracts always include a mahr, whether the

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What is a “Jewish divorce”?

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In Canada, marriage is ended by way of a civil divorce, pursuant to the terms of the Divorce Act. As well as terminating the marriage, a civil divorce can address what are known as “corollary issues” such as custody and

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