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Immigration law amendments another barrier for abused women

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In a recent Rabble.ca article, “Domestic violence cases spike after immigration law amendment“, Ferrukh Faruqui writes, “women are most subject to violence in the refuge of their homes. Newcomers are not immune to this cross cultural pandemic.” Since 2012, changes

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Can a woman who does not have status stay in Canada if her child is born here?

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Just because a woman has a child born in Canada does not mean that she can stay here. If she does not have status in Canada, she has to make an application for permanent resident status, which must be approved

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Can a woman’s family court case have an impact on her immigration matter?

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The timing of a woman’s application to family court can be very important to her immigration case.  If she has lived in Canada for many years and has had custody of her Canadian child without formalizing that relationship in family

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