Month: June 2013

Teaching law students about violence against women

Many of the women we support at Luke’s Place share their frustrations when their lawyers do not understand the realities of violence against women. Often, this lack of understanding is the result of a lack of educational opportunities, both for

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Abused woman fired by employer: Could this happen in Ontario?

An elementary school teacher in San Diego was fired recently because of abuse perpetrated by her ex-husband. Despite the fact that the abuser was sent to jail and the teacher had a restraining order against him, the school felt that

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Connecting the dots: The implications of violence against women for supervised access

mom consoling toddler girl

The Supervised Visitation Network is a multi-national organization that brings together agencies and individuals interested in supporting safe, conflict-free access by children to the parents with whom they do not live. This year, the Annual Conference was held in Toronto.

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Using the eagle feather when testifying

flower handed by a child to a woman

Indigenous people who have to testify in court may use the eagle feather to make their affirmation to tell the truth rather than swearing on a bible or other religious book. The eagle feather can be used in any courthouse

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