Month: November 2014

Many women who are dealing with family court are also involved with criminal court proceedings, as either a victim/witness or as an accused. There are a number of differences in the purpose, function and outcomes of the two courts as

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An Ontario case from earlier this year (Chickwanda v Bell, 2014 ONCJ 174 (CanLII)) allowed the Ontario Court of Justice to explore circumstances when it is appropriate to terminate access by a father to his children. In this case, the mother

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UPDATED June 2017: As discussed in an earlier FAQ, dual charging or counter charging of women is one of the direct results of the mandatory charging policy. This is a serious, if unintended, consequence, and rates of dual/counter charging remain high

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The issue of how much child support should be paid for adult children and for how long it should be paid is not clearly addressed in the Child Support Guidelines. In a 2012 British Columbia case (Naylor v Naylor 2012

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