Month: February 2015

How can I support a woman who does not want to leave her abuser?

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When the violence against women movement became increasingly organized in Canada and shelters for abused women and rape crisis centres began to open, most of the work was focused on helping women get away from their abusers. There was an

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How can a woman get current tax information from her former spouse?

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A common legal bullying tactic of abusive men is to slow down family court proceedings by failing to file documents in a timely manner or by filing incomplete documents. Nowhere is this more common than with the filing of Financial

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How can I support a woman who is unrepresented in family court?

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The number of litigants in family court who do not have lawyers has reached a critical point, with between 50 and 80% of cases now involving at least one party who is unrepresented. While not having a lawyer is of

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Preventable domestic homicides in Ontario

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“Up to 80 per cent of all domestic homicides could be prevented” if the recommendations from Ontario’s Domestic Violence Death Review Committee were implemented, says Dr. Peter Jaffe in a recent Toronto Star article about the murder of Zahra Abdille

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On trial: The line of questioning in sexual assault cases

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Pamela Cross, Luke’s Place Legal Director, spoke to CBC’s The Current about the defence’s line of questioning in sexual assault cases. Listen to this broadcast, which aired January 23, 2015, in which Pamela challenges a defence lawyer on questioning sexual

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Teaching about domestic violence: Law schools get a failing grade

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According to a recent Toronto Star investigation, “Law schools fail on domestic violence training, experts say”. In 2012, Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, was commissioned by the Law Commission of Ontario to develop curriculum on violence against women for

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Receiving contradictory orders from different courts is a nightmare

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Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, joined other experts, including survivor Julie Craven, in explaining the dangers and challenges for women when criminal and family courts do not share information in a recent Toronto Star article, “Failure of criminal, family

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What is a supervised access order?

flower handed by a child to a woman

Supervised access and supervised access exchanges can offer some protection to women who are concerned about the safety of their children during access or their own safety as they exchange the children with their partner. For example, if the access

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