Month: April 2015

Recent case law: Court deals with mother’s unilateral decision to move with her child

woman's hand holding a child's hand

In the case of Alix v Irwin, 2014 CarswellSask 253 (Sas. C.A.), the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal dealt with a situation where the mother made a unilateral decision to move with the child. The parents, who lived in Swift Current,

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Can a woman get a legal aid certificate for mediation?

thoughtful young woman

UPDATED June 2017: Legal Aid Ontario has recently begun providing independent legal advice (ILA) certificates to support eligible clients who are engaged in family court mediation. When one of the clients is financially eligible, their former may also be eligible

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Recent case: Judge interviews children

woman's hand holding a child's hand

Judicial interviews of children are still a rarity in Ontario, so it is always interesting to read a case in which a judge decides to talk to the kids. In the case of A (G) v B (K), 2014 CarswellOnt

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