Month: September 2015

Is there any kind of legal aid assistance for women who are involved in criminal court as a result of their partner’s abuse?

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UPDATED September 2015 ANSWER: A woman who has experienced abuse in her relationship could find herself involved in criminal court in one of two ways. She might be the complainant/witness because her partner has been charged or she might have

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How seriously are allegations of parental alienation taken by family courts today?

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Parental alienation arises in family court cases generally in two contexts: When abusive men attempt to alienate the children from their mother as part of their ongoing campaign of abuse against their former partner When women who have left abusive

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Recent case law: Admissibility of video recordings

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In the case of Scarlett v Farrell, 2014 ONCJ 517, Justice Spence considered whether video recordings made by the father should be admitted in a custody trial. At the point of trial, the mother had sole custody of the couple’s

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Can a woman get retroactive child support for children who are now adults?

flower handed by a child to a woman

The issue of retroactive child support is somewhat complex. Generally, orders of any kind in family court are only retroactive to the date the Applicant started court proceedings. This is intended to prevent situations where someone, many years after they

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Recent case law: Payment of child support when recipient alienates the child

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Johnston v Mayer 2014 MBQB 197 addresses whether the mother (Ms Mayer) has to pay retroactive child support to the father (Mr. Johnston), whether the father should be found in contempt of court for his breaches of the interim custody

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