Month: January 2016

Recent case law: Waiving property rights in a prenuptial agreement

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As you know, couples can write cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements and marriage contracts which set out the terms of their relationship and, often more importantly, what will happen if the relationship ends. And, couples can write separation agreements at the

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UPDATE! Virtual legal clinic ProBono hours LawPRO approved

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PBLO has notified Luke’s Place that it has registered our virtual legal clinic project and that it is LawPRO approved. Luke’s Place is launching a virtual legal clinic using web-based video conferencing to connect women in north eastern Ontario to

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How can I help my clients have a good working relationship with their lawyer?

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With close to 80% of women in family court unrepresented, you will most often be working with women who do not have a lawyer. However, you will have some clients who have lawyers and, for these women, establishing a positive

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