Month: February 2016

Ghomeshi case highlights issues of fairness in sexual assault trials

flower handed by a child to a woman

Our Legal Director, Pamela Cross, was interviewed by Canadian news site, Rabble, about the fairness of sexual assault trials. Topics discussed include the power of sexual assault myths , especially in cases where a woman knows the perpetrator, how such

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Tips for helping someone become a confident & effective decision-maker

mother holding daughter who looks content

Most of us struggle with decision making to some extent, but of course this is much more of a challenge for women who have paid the price for making what their abuser decides is the “wrong” decision. An abusive partner

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What should I be aware of when I am supporting an Indigenous woman who has left her abusive partner?

woman's hand holding a child's hand

An Indigenous woman leaving an abusive relationship must deal with all the issues faced by any woman leaving an abuser: ensuring safety for herself and her children, finding housing, making safe custody and access arrangements for her children, sorting out

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Sexual assault trials: The witness’ perspective

thoughtful young woman

The Ghomeshi sexual assault trial raises many questions about the rights of witnesses and the accused. Our Legal Director, Pamela Cross, provides insight. On defence tactics: In no other category of trial are discriminatory assumptions about how a witness ought

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Can a woman change her child’s name?

woman holding a little boy

Women sometimes want to change their child’s name (particularly the surname) after they leave an abusive partner. The woman may be changing her own name and want her child to have the same name; she may have remarried and be

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