Month: April 2016

What are the options when a woman is managing her case on a limited budget?

woman holding a little boy

Many women who have experienced violence have very limited resources for their family law case. Even when a woman has a job that pays her reasonably well, she is not likely to have enough financial reserves to pay a retainer

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Recent case: Urgent motion for temporary custody

flower handed by a child to a woman

Justice Pazaratz begins his decision in Coe v Tope (2014 ONSC 4002) by venting his frustration with parents generally who, at least in his opinion, fail to put the best interests of their children first. He writes: BREAKING BAD PARENTS:

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Recent case: Alternative dispute resolution and arbitrator bias

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McClintock v Karam 2015 ONSC 1024: The parties in this case had signed an agreement that they would refer any custody and access conflicts they could not resolve on their own to mediation/arbitration. This is a process in which the

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How to assess online legal information

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If you are a service provider sharing legal information with women or a woman looking for legal information about your family law issue, you might refer to online resources. While there are some excellent legal information resources available online, not

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