Month: June 2016

Is mediation a good way to resolve a family law dispute?

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Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that women may be encouraged to use during their family court process. In recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on the use of ADR to resolve family law differences

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De victime à traînée, le mythe increvable

flower handed by a child to a woman

Gazette des femmes, a feminist journal from Quebec, interviewed Pamela Cross, Luke’s Place Legal Director, on rape myths that still make it difficult for women to get justice in criminal court. Read the article: De victime à traînée, le mythe

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Breaking the Silence to End the Violence

woman's hand holding a child's hand

The pandemic that is violence against women in this country is deeply embedded in our culture. It manifests itself in our music, television programs and movies. But it also shows up in casual conversation, as illustrated by my recent experience

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How can I be clear about the difference between legal advice and legal information?

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Service providers often provide women with information about family law and the family court process, which is of critical importance but is distinct and different from giving legal advice. Workers must be clear with the client that they are providing

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