Part 1: How can I help a woman disclose abuse?

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Service providers, lawyers and other professionals working with women who have experienced abuse often assist women in recording their history of abuse for court documentation and safety planning. Both of these responsibilities require women to talk to you about the abuse they have experienced but, as we all know, this is not always easy for…

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Recent case: Recognition of foreign divorce

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Essa v Mekawi 2014 ONSC 7400 The parties were married in Egypt under the marriage laws of that country. Both of them are Egyptian citizens. In addition, the father is a Canadian citizen and the mother has permanent resident status here. They lived, at various times, sometimes together and sometimes apart, in Canada, Eqypt and…

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What are domestic contracts?

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Domestic contracts are legal agreements entered into by people wishing to set their own terms in their relationships with one another and include cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. To be legally binding, the contract must be in writing and signed by each person in the presence of a witness.  The contract will not…

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