Month: March 2017

What is arbitration?

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Many legal issues arise when a couple separates: custody and access, financial issues and dividing the family property are often the most pressing. Some people decide to attempt to resolve these issues without going to court and use one of

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What are the time limitations on applying for spousal support or a division of family property?

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UPDATED (from April 2015): Women who leave abusive relationships are often reluctant to pursue their financial rights. There are many reasons for this. Some women don’t know they may have a right to share in the family property or to

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Paralegals in family courts not the solution

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Pamela Cross and Amanda Dale respond to the recent report by Justice Bonkalo, Family Legal Services Review. Although they applaud the effort, there is a “fatal flaw” in the report — a lack of understanding of the impact of violence

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Case law: Encouraging children to have access time with the other parent

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Godard v Godard 2015 ONCA 568 tackles the question of how hard a custodial parent is expected to work to encourage a child to have access with the other parent. Here, there were two children, one living with each parent.

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How can I support a woman who is dealing with mental health and substance use as well as abuse by her partner?

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Violence against women services generally are seeing more and more women with co-occurring issues. There are a number of reasons for this: As other community services become underfunded and over-extended, they are referring clients to VAW services Women who have

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