Month: April 2017

My ex-partner is using family court to continue harassing me. Is this legal bullying?

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One particular example of the ongoing abuse many women experience when they leave their partner is legal bullying, especially in family court. This abuse/bullying can take many forms. One of the most common is that the abuser decides to represent

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Support Luke’s Place in the Durham Walk for Charity

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Please join Luke’s Place in the 2017 Durham Community Foundation’s Walk for Charity on Saturday, June 24th 10am at Rotary Park Pavilion in Ajax. Pre-registration is required. The cost is $25 and includes a BBQ lunch. Register on the DCF

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Case law: Consequences for ongoing lack of disclosure

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In Manchanda v Thethi 2016 ONSC 3776, Justice Myers begins his decision in this case about financial disclosure by asking: “When is enough, enough?” It is easy to see why he posed this question, as there had been more than

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French translations of Luke’s Place fact sheets now available

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Luke’s Place has partnered with Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF) to provide fact sheets for francophone clients on legal issues related to family law and violence against women. Action ontarienne translated and adapted Luke’s Place resources.

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What is a Voice of the Child Report?

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A relatively new concept in Canada, voice of the child reports are one technique to ensure that children have the opportunity to be heard in custody proceedings. Such a report, sometimes known as the views of the child, provides information

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What is custody and access?

mother holding daughter who looks content

When parents separate, they have to decide on appropriate living arrangements for the children. Until these issues are resolved, both parents have an equal legal right to have the custody of their children. Legally, custody refers to decision-making responsibility. A

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Case law: Financial bullying as family violence

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Hokhold v Gerbrandt 2015 BCCA 268 is a British Columbia case, so it is not binding on Ontario cases. As well the B.C. Family Law Act contains a number of provisions that are different from those in Ontario’s legislation. Nonetheless,

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