Case law: The costs of unwillingness to settle

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In Jackson v Mayerle (2016 ONSC 1556), Justice Pazaratz has written another colourful decision, this time in a case where the mother refused to accept a number of offers to settle presented by the father and, after a 36-day trial in which the father was successful on all substantive issues, he sought costs from the…

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Why are women sometimes charged with assaulting their partner when they are just trying to protect themselves or their kids?

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Dual charging or counter charging of women is one of the direct results of the mandatory charging policy. This is a serious, if unintended, consequence, and rates of dual/counter charging remain high in Ontario. Both women and their children feel the consequences of dual/counter charging. The abuser gains even more power and control because he…

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What is spousal support and am I eligible?

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The goal of spousal support is to encourage the financial independence of both spouses as appropriate in the circumstances of the relationship. For example, where one spouse stayed at home to raise the children or had to change jobs frequently because of demands of the other spouse‚Äôs employment, spousal support would be likely. The Family…

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