Month: September 2017

A family court case can be confusing to anyone who is not familiar with the process. For a woman who is dealing with trauma as a result of past and ongoing abuse by her partner, it may be completely overwhelming.

Luke’s Place staff visited Thunder Bay this week to introduce workers in Northwestern Ontario to the Virtual Legal Clinic. In an effort to support access to justice in rural and remote communities, the Clinic connects women who have been subjected

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This post focuses on intimate partner abuse of older women, although older women can also be subjected to abuse by other family members, particularly adult children and/or professional caregivers, whether they live in the home or in an institution. Young

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In the case of, Boudreau v Boudreau 2014 Carswell Sask 665, Mr. and Mrs. Boudreau were married in Nova Scotia and lived there until they separated. They had one child together, and the wife’s child from a previous relationship also

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