Month: December 2017

If you are a woman’s advocate who focuses on family law issues, it’s helpful to connect clients to your local Victim Witness Assistance Program (VWAP) if an abusive partner is facing criminal charges. Keep in mind that: VWAP workers are

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Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, presented at “Diverse Voices”, the 17th Annual Family Violence Conference. This year’s national event was held in Edmonton. Pamela was the keynote speaker on November 17, presenting on the trend of courts to order

Tagged with: , is the largest searchable directory of domestic violence services in Canada and the US. This site is full of helpful tools and information for people who are subjected to or are working to end intimate partner abuse. On December

Understanding intersectionality is important if we are to provide the best possible services to women. Especially for those of us from the dominant culture, learning about intersectionality, power, privilege and oppression is a lifelong process. What is intersectionality? The word

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Choose a gift that gives back. Help a woman and her children stay safer this holiday season. You can give a meaningful gift to your family and friends while also helping a woman and her children stay safer through the

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