Enough mourning: We need action!

flower handed by a child to a woman

Fifteen women, their mothers and their children have been killed in Ontario by intimate partners or family members since January 2018. This is more than the yearly average. Holly Hamilton, 29, Hamilton Baljit Thandi, 32, Brampton Avtar Kaur, 60, Brampton Elaine Bellevue, 61, Mississauga Jan Singh, 70, Oakville Barbara Kovic, 76, Etobicoke Raya Turunen, 88,…

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What should I do if a woman tells me she plans to violate the custody order because she has serious concerns for the safety of the child?

mom consoling toddler girl

When facing legal and ethical challenges, there are a variety of strategies that will help service providers manage the situation. Here are some other situations that could raise similar legal and ethical challenges: A client or former client calls to tell you she has already left the jurisdiction with her child in contravention of a…

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Recent case: Parental alienation

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L.(N.) v M. (R.R.) 2016 ONSC 809: In this case, the police refused to enforce a court order to deliver a child, now over the age of 16, to his father, when the child was refusing to have contact with the father. The Chief of Police was made a party to the motion. In coming…

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