Changes to the Divorce Act: What it can mean for women

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In the final dash to get legislation passed before Parliament recessed for the summer, only to head straight into an election campaign in the fall, some important bills managed to make it to Royal Assent. Any bills that did not pass Third Reading in the Senate and obtain Royal Assent by last Friday are now…

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Case law: Arbitration

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Horowitz v. Nightingale 2017 ONSC 2168: This motion was brought by the husband for an order staying the family law proceeding between him and his wife. The parties were married for 16 years prior to their separation. They had three children.  The applicant wife initiated an application for custody, access, child and spousal support and equalization…

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C-78: Update on amendments to the Divorce Act

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Bill C-78, which passed Third Reading in the Senate on Wednesday, contains significant changes to the Divorce Act and may soon become law. The full name of C-78 is An Act to amend the Divorce Act, the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act and the Garnishment, Attachment and Pension Diversion Act and to make…

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Mediation: You can’t always get what you want

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“But if you try sometime you find/You get what you need.” Many women leaving abusive relationships would take exception to even the modest optimism expressed by the Rolling Stones in this 1969 hit. Nonetheless, this is very much the tone of family court these days, in particular mediation. When I began practicing law in the…

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810 reasons to support Luke’s Place

Great Canadian Giving Challenge

This June every donation to Luke’s Place increases our chances to win $10,000 through the Great Canadian Giving Challenge. The more often you give, the more chances we have. We can give you 810 reasons to donate to Luke’s Place. That’s the number of women we served from April 2018-March 2019! Help us continue this…

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Case law: Mahr

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Bakhshi v. Hosseinzadeh 2017 ONCA 838: The parties in this case were married in Iran in 1995, at which time they entered into a Maher, which is an Islamic marriage contract. They emigrated to Canada and then separated in 2013. The wife initiated an application for divorce, custody, child support, equalization of property, and other relief.…

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