Webinar: What is the best interests of the child test in family law?

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In Canada, all decisions about post-separation arrangements for children are made using the best interests of the child test. Both Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act and the federal Divorce Act set out the criteria judges are to use when applying the test. This webinar explains what each of those criteria are and mean and discusses…

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Guthrie Award acceptance speech by Pamela Cross

Guthrie Award - Law Foundation of Ontario

On Thursday October 17, Pamela Cross, our Legal Director, was honoured with the Guthrie Award by the Law Foundation of Ontario. Her acceptance speech follows. Her speech was also vidoe-taped. Watch it on YouTube. I am deeply honoured to be receiving this award tonight. Thank you to the Law Foundation of Ontario, to my colleagues…

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Recent case tackles the question of who owns a viable embryo

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S.H. v. D.H., 2018 ONSC 4506: This case pertains to a property and contract dispute over a viable embryo. While they were married, the two parties purchased eggs and sperm with which neither of them had a biological connection. The eggs and sperm came from a Georgia company, and an Ontario fertility centre then implanted…

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