What happens when one spouse remains in the matrimonial home?

This is a summary of a paper titled, “Your Spouse Is Not a Squatter: How to Effectively Apply Principles of Occupation Rent,” prepared by Fadwa Yehia of Jamal Family Law Professional Corporation for the Law Society of Ontario’s Six-Minute Family Law Lawyer 2018. The summary was prepared by Luke’s Place articling student Kevin Chao. As…

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The journey towards inclusivity: It’s about people – 3/3

Many hands

One of the most difficult things about working to make an organization inclusive is that every person has to be willing to get uncomfortable. We all learn things about ourselves when doing this work; sometimes things that make us squirm as we come to realize how much we have taken our privilege for granted and…

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Woman Abuse Prevention: #LoveShouldntHurt and Wrapped in Courage

November is Woman Abuse Prevention month. Everyday Luke’s Place, and many other organizations, work to prevent further gender-based violence in our communities. Join our efforts! Here are two campaigns to raise awareness about intimate partner abuse and to support for survivors and their children. Ontario-wide: Wrapped in Courage Woman Abuse Prevention Campaign From the Ontario…

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