Webinar: Restraining orders and managing post-separation abuse

Post separation abuse: Violence continues/escalates upon separation, Likely in family court, Tactics to stop her from leaving or to retaliate, Not recognized by those who have power to challenge abuser

Family violence continues and often escalates post-separation. This webinar explores post-separation abuse and strategies for managing it, including restraining orders and safety planning. What is a restraining order? How would someone get one? This webinar answers those questions and more. This webinar is the latest in a series on family law issues when there’s family…

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Increasing access to justice through lawyer education

notepad, pen and a cup of coffee on a desktop

As I mentioned in my remarks when I received the Guthrie Award recently, there has been little attention paid to ensuring that lawyers – particularly family law lawyers – are educated about the issue of family violence. This creates a significant barrier to access to justice for families where violence has been a factor. Those…

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Why do so few Indigenous women engage with the family law system?

woman holds childs hand

At the 2019 Annual Gathering of Family Court Support Workers, Indigenous lawyers and leaders, Jeffery Hewitt and Bev Jacobs, discussed “Reconciliation and Indigenous Voices in our Work”. During this session, Jeffery made the point that FCSWs likely don’t see a lot of Indigenous women in the course of their work. We heard from workers wanting…

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Women in rural, remote communities get long distance legal help

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Family law lawyers are thin on the ground in many rural and remote parts of Ontario. Family law lawyers who take legal aid certificates and who have expertise in cases involving family violence are even more rare. Women who are fleeing an abusive relationship face many challenges and stresses in their journey. They need strong…

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