Bill 161 could jeopardize access to justice for women fleeing abuse

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Bill 161, the Smarter and Stronger Justice Act, will amend more than 20 existing pieces of legislation. Of particular concern to advocates for women fleeing abuse are the proposed revisions to the Legal Aid Services Act 1998. While it is certainly the case that this legislation is long overdue for updating, given that it has…

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Moving in or getting married? Why a domestic contract matters


Property division after separation depends on whether the couple was married or living common-law. A domestic contract lets a couple set their own terms in their relationship. A domestic contract is a legal agreement. Domestic contracts include cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements. “Pre-nups” are domestic contracts A cohabitation agreement is an agreement between…

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Recent case: Habitual residence, jurisdiction and custody

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Kunuthur v. Govindareddigari, 2018 ONCA 730: The parents married in 2004 and lived in the United States where their son was born as an American citizen. The family moved to Brampton in 2011, when their son was 6 years old, and became permanent residents. In April 2013, the mother took the son to India while…

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