Nova Scotia murders: Looking for the easy explanation


For many of us, the news that, before he shot and killed at least 22 people in rural Nova Scotia on April 18 and 19, Gabriel Wortman had assaulted his partner, was no surprise. There had been many hushed conversations within the violence against women community throughout the week about this probability. Our only question…

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Two recent COVID-19 family law decisions

woman's hands on thick book

Court says no to “self-help” remedy In Burton v Woods 2020 ONCJ 158, Justice Pugsley was quick and clear in his response to a father who decided not to return the 10-year-old child to the mother at the end of his access time. The existing order, issued after a trial, was for the mother to…

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Recent Case Summaries: April 17, 2020

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Child protection issues There have been a few child protection cases that the courts have deemed urgent. A number of them deal with arranging some kind of contact between children in care and their parent(s) because agencies are not offering in-person supervised access at this time. Others address issues of appropriate face to face contact…

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Pamela Cross celebrated with Queen’s University award

Pamela Cross

Our Legal Director, Pamela Cross, has been recognized with a Queen’s Law alumni award. Pam receives the J.A. (Alec) Corry Distinguished Alumni Award for excelling in a career outside the traditional practice of law. Described as “a warrior for victims of domestic violence”, Pam was chosen by the Dean’s Council Awards Committee. The award was…

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