Just who should deliver family legal services in Ontario?

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In late June, the Law Society of Ontario released a consultation paper on the Family Legal Services Provider Licence, seeking input from stakeholders about the components of the licensing framework as well as contextual information to help determine “the effectiveness of the licence in addressing access to justice needs.” This paper is the result of…

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Changing the world: The killing of children by their fathers

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On February 9th, four-year-old Keira Kagan and her father, Robin Brown, were found dead at the foot of a cliff near Milton, Ontario. There seems little doubt that this was a murder-suicide: Keira’s father had been abusive to her mother, Jennifer, during their marriage and had continued to be manipulative and controlling after they separated…

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COVID-19 legal cases: Vaccinations, supervised access

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COVID-19 vaccination In Tarkowski v Lemieux 2020 CarswellOnt 8070 (C.J.), Justice Jones dealt with the issue of how the parents would make decisions about having their child vaccinated, when and if a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. The six-year-old daughter had lived primarily with the mother since the parents separated in 2015. There had been a…

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