Webinar recording: Ontario’s new Children’s Law Reform Act

Ontario recently significantly revised its family law that deals with custody and access, the Children’s Law Reform Act, to align it with the federal Divorce Act.  In this presentation, you will learn about the changes, with a focus on their impact on women fleeing abusive relationships. This is another in the series of webinars on family law…

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Keeping focused while working remotely

Woman in business suit with face mask

Looking for ways better balance your work life during lockdown? Here are some tips. Manage online meetings You may think you can multitask (see point 3 below), but when you are checking email, text messages, twitter and maybe playing a game of solitaire while you are in an online meeting, you are going to miss…

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Inspiring talks from Vikki Reynolds

Vikki Reynolds, a “Consultant, Instructor and Supervisor specializing in Team Development, Resisting Burnout and Organizational Change”, offers a variety of resources that inspire thought and action. Here are a couple: A Handbook co-created with Riel Dupuis-Rossi and Charlene Hellson:“Disrupting Current Colonial Practice & Structure in the Immigration & non-profit sector” Solidarity Talks: Lateral Liberation. Kim Haxton is an…

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Chatelaine article: Why divorce cases involving allegations of abuse still confound family courts

woman holds childs hand

Journalist Flannery Dean recently interviewed Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross, and other experts for the article Why Divorce Cases Involving Allegations of Abuse Still Confound Family Courts available online and in the January 2021 issue of Chatelaine magazine. The article centres on the tragic outcomes of two mothers who fled domestic violence and highlights common…

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Infographic: Property Division

Text below Marriage The law assumes that each spouse makes equal if different contributions. If the relationship ends, they share the family property equally. Equalization payment Person with greater new family property (NFP) must pay the other spouse half of the difference. Common Law If the relationship ends, no automatic right to equal share of…

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