CTV: Calls for a unified family court system​ and further changes to Canada’s Divorce Act

Mother with teenaged son

CTV News recently spotlighted the changes in Canada’s Divorce Act, interviewing the Luke’s Place Legal Director, Pamela Cross. Among other revisions, the new Act includes a definition of family violence as it relates to the best interests of the child. From the article: “We’re very unhappy with the way the language around decision-making responsibility is…

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This International Women’s Day ensure that women’s expert voices are centred in COVID-19 recovery plans

Woman in business suit with face mask

Op-Ed in The Toronto Star by Farrah Khan and Pamela Cross This International Women’s Day we can expect to hear the usual platitudes from government, business and institutions about women’s empowerment and how far we have come. What we deserve to hear are concrete commitments to address the gender-based impacts of the pandemic. We cannot go…

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