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June 28, 2024
Pamela Cross awarded Doctor of Laws, honoris causa (LLD) from the Law Society of Ontario
Luke's Place Press Release

June 19, 2024
Women’s Advocates Gather on 2nd Anniversary of CKW Inquest
Luke's Place Press Release

May 31, 2024
Celebrating Carol Barkwell – a bold leader dedicated to improving women’s access to justice
Luke's Place Press Release

May 16, 2024
A2J - Multidisciplinary Service Models
The Every Lawyer Podcast

May 16, 2024
The Consequences of Using Violence with Pamela Cross
She Is Your Neighbour Podcast

March 8, 2024
Celebrating 50 years of feminist legal activism with NAWL
Linda White, Vancouver Sun

March 7, 2024
Lanark County Interval House partners to produce rural resource to fight IPV
Bob Perreault, Lanark Leeds Today

March 7, 2024
Neighbours, Friends and Families Launches “Rural Roots” Initiative to Empower Rural Communities in Addressing Intimate Partner Violence
Luke's Place, Press Release

March 6, 2024
Parental alienation, family violence and family law: Part two
Pamela Cross, Law360 Canada

March 5, 2024
Parental alienation, family violence and family law: Part one
Pamela Cross, Law360 Canada

March 1, 2024
Criminalizing coercive control: Part two
Pamela Cross, Law360 Canada

February 29, 2024
Criminalizing coercive control: Part one
Pamela Cross, Law360 Canada

February 29, 2024
Abusers are using e-transfers to contact their victims. Who is responsible for stopping them?
Natalie Stechyson, CBC News

February 21, 2024
Declaring an Intimate Partner Violence epidemic
The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO

February 2, 2024
Mississippi Mills mayor chairs gender-based violence discussions at 2024 ROMA conference
Ashley Kulp, Inside Ottawa Valley


November 24, 2023
Amplify: Why we must declare intimate partner violence to be an epidemic
The Globe & Mail

November 16, 2023
The Walrus Talks Gender-Based Violence
Presented by the Canadian Women's Foundation

October 27, 2023
Intimate partner violence in Sault Ste. Marie hits close to home for grieving mother
CBC News Windsor

October 25, 2023
Sault shooting spree shines harsh spotlight on intimate partner violence
Sooke News Mirror

October 25, 2023
Intimate Partner Violence Interview with Pamela Cross (1:42-11:00)
The Sam Laprade Show, City News

October 25, 2023
Advocates urge public, governments to take intimate partner violence seriously
Camille Bains, The Globe & Mail

October 25, 2023
Sault Ste. Marie shooter had a history of intimate partner violence, says police
Colin Freeze & Molly Hayes, The Globe & Mail

August 16, 2023
Canada calls gender violence an epidemic after triple femicide inquest
Tracey Lindeman, The Guardian

June 29, 2023
'I burst into tears': Advocates angry at Ontario's intimate partner violence response
CBC News Ottawa

June 28, 2023
Ontario rejects some recommendations from triple murder inquest jury
CBC News Ottawa

June 28, 2023
580 CFRA Radio

June 28, 2023
'Feels like a kick in the face': Advocates criticize Ontario government's response to Ottawa Valley triple murder coroner's inquest
CTV News Ottawa

June 26, 2023
The Murder of Ashley Wadsworth
Carly Lewis, Maclean's

June 26, 2023
PODCAST: The Sam Laprade Show for June 26, 2023 - Hour Three - 00:00
CityNews Ottawa - The Same Laprade Show

June 15, 2023
CTV Your Morning - Thursday, June 15, 2023 (recording no longer available)
Anne-Marie Mediwake, CTV

April 20, 2023
'Keira's Law' passes Senate, signalling a change to the way courts approach domestic violence
Jessica Mundie, CBC News

April 11, 2023
Canada Tonight with Dwight Drummond - 10:09 - 18:45
Dwight Drummond, CBC

April 11, 2023
The Current with Matt Galloway: Addressing intimate partner violence in Canada
Matt Galloway, CBC Radio

March 11, 2023
City declaration on intimate partner violence could help push province
Avanthika Anand, CBC News

March 8, 2023
PODCAST: The Sam Laprade Show for March 8th, 2023 - Hour Two - 27:45
CityNews Ottawa - The Same Laprade Show

March 7, 2023
International Women’s Day: Making gender equity a reality
94.1 myFM

February 26, 2023
Women’s advocates disappointed with Ford government’s initial attempts to fight against Intimate Partner Violence
CFRA Live - 580 CFRA

February 22, 2023
Pamela Cross - Luke's Place - A Rural Inquest
Shauna Rae, Clearing a New Path Podcast

February 17, 2023
Renfrew county, Ford government yet to declare femicide an epidemic
Derek Dunn, Arnprior Chronicle-Guide

February 9, 2023
Ontario's Chief Coroner to launch inquest into death of 4-year-old girl likely killed by father 
Cynthia Mulligan, CityNews


December 7, 2022
Lawyer reflecting on Renfrew inquest on anniversary of Montreal Massacre
Joseph Coppolino, CityNews

October 22, 2022
Family violence increases for 5th straight year in Canada. What’s behind the trend?
Aya Al-Hakim, Global News

September 24, 2022
Sealing criminal records of marginalized people will improve many lives
Emilie Coyle, Pamela Cross & Pam Hrick, The Star

August 30, 2022
B.C.'s informal court process pilot a flawed approach
Kim Hawkins & Pamela Cross, They Lawyer's Daily

August 23, 2022
Understanding Luke's Place with Thijiba Sinnathamby
Ask Andrew, Andrew Feldstein

August 5, 2022
Adding femicide to the Criminal Code, the NFL's sexual assault problem, returning the Elgin Marbles and more
Day 6, CBC Radio

August 5, 2022
Commentary: Abused women often face heightened peril if they leave
Pamela Cross, SaltWire Network

July 27, 2022
Groundbreaking Inquest in Renfrew County
Andrea Gunraj, Alright, Now What?, Canadian Women's Foundation

July 18, 2022
Advocates push to include 'femicide' in Criminal Code after Anoka Street murders
Avanthika Anand, CBC News

July 12, 2022
Making systemic change through an inquest
Pamela Cross, They Lawyer's Daily

July 11, 2022
Participants of Renfrew County coroner’s inquest praise it for being trauma-informed
Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan

June 28, 2022
Ontario should declare intimate partner violence an epidemic, inquest jury says
Molly Hayes, The Globe and Mail

June 23, 2022
‘These deaths don’t end’: Inquest hears community ideas for tackling partner violence
Noushin Ziafati, The Toronto Star

June 16, 2022
Man who killed three women in 2015 was prohibited from owning firearms inquest hears
CityNews Ottawa

June 14, 2022
Probation officers missed opportunities monitoring murderer of 3 women, review finds
Bruce McIntyre, CityNews Ottawa

June 10, 2022
Time to go public about domestic abuse
Guy Quenneville, CBC News

June 10, 2022
Expert tells inquest into valley women's deaths adoption of recommendations should be monitored by independent body
Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen

June 9, 2022
The reality of intimate-partner violence in rural Canada
Front Burner, CBC Radio

June 9, 2022
5 ways to help prevent intimate-partner violence from the triple-homicide inquest
Guy Quenneville, CBC News

June 8, 2022
Inquest hears about challenges for victims of partner violence in rural communities
Noushin Ziafati, The Canadian Press

June 8, 2022
June 8th Episode - As It Happens
Tom Harrington & Chris Howden, As It Happens, CBC Radio

June 7, 2022
Experts at Ottawa Valley triple homicide inquest urge action on future recommendations
Guy Quenneville, CBC News

June 7, 2022
Domestic violence solutions must consider unintended negative consequences, inquest hears
Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen

June 6, 2022
Inquest has ‘a lot of potential’ to change intimate partner violence in rural communities
CBC News

June 6, 2022
Victims' families begin coroner's inquest into Ottawa Valley triple homicide
Guy Quenneville, CBC News

June 5, 2022
INQUEST: Risk factors for rural victims of violence a focus of probe into 2015 murders in Renfrew County
Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Sun

June 5, 2022
Inquest into 2015 murders in Renfrew County will focus on risk factors for rural victims of violence
Joanne Laucius, Ottawa Citizen

June 4, 2022
Hoping for change this time, as Renfrew County triple femicide inquest looms
Kristy Nease, CBC News

April 26, 2022
Luke's Place receives Resilient Communities Fund grant to support women's pandemic recovery
Luke's Place, Press Release

April 20, 2022
'No' to shared parenting presumptions
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

March 21, 2022
Landmark Canadian case awards damages for domestic violence: 1 woman killed every 6 days due to DV
Dahlia Kurtz, SiriusXM 167

March 17, 2022
Building consistency
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

March 14, 2022
Ontario woman lives in fear 6 months after latest assault
Julie Ireton, CBC News

March 10, 2022
New tort of family violence could be life changing
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

March 10, 2022
In landmark ruling, judge awards Brampton woman $150,000 for ex's 16-year pattern of 'family violence'
Alyshah Hasham, The Toronto Star

February 8, 2022
Family violence and parenting co-ordination
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily


December 8
23 women have died after intimate-partner violence since the 1970s in this rural Ontario community
Julie Ireton, CBC News

December 7
Coercive Control, the silent partner of domestic violence, instils fear, helplessness in victims
Shaina Luck, CBC News

November 2, 2021
Why it can't all happen online
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

October 15, 2021
When leaving doesn't end the abuse
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

August 30, 2021
Mediation should not be default resolution process in cases of abuse
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

April 27, 2021
Luke's Place Receives 2020-21 Victim Services Award of Distinction
Luke's Place, Press Release

April 13, 2021
Stevens urges MPPs to pass the Intimate Partner Violence Disclosure Act
MPP Stevens, Press Release

March 26, 2021
Calls for a unified family court system and further changes to Canada's Divorce Act
CTV News

March 16, 2021
'I didn't care who heard:' How the law fails child and youth survivors of family violence
City News

March 16, 2021
Daughter desperate to break the cycle of abuse
City News

March 8, 2021
This International Women's Day ensure that women's expert voices are centred in COVID-19 recovery plans
The Toronto Star

March 8, 2021
Why International Women's Day still matters
The Lawyer's Daily

January 15, 2021
Why divorce cases involving allegations of abuse still confound family courts
Chatelaine Magazine


December 6, 2020
'We haven't come very far' - YWCA Toronto and women's shelters call on government to address root causes of violence against women on Polytechnique massacre anniversary
The Toronto Star

November 26, 2020
Ontario's family law takes a step forward in protecting the vulnerable
The Toronto Star

November 24, 2020
New custody and access legislation increases safety for women and children fleeing abuse
Press release

November 14, 2020
Unrestrained: Why does he keep abusing? Changing the question about intimate partner violence
CTV's W5

November 11, 2020
"Vagueness is a gift to an abuser": What the Tories got right -- and wrong -- on Bill 207

October 15, 2020
Luke's Place in Oshawa makes recommendations to provincial committee about changes to Bill 207
Durham Radio News

September 2, 2020
Domestic violence on the rise amid coronavirus pandemic, says officials

August 4, 2020
LSO proposal to allow paralegals to provide family law services garners mixed reaction
Ian Burns, The Lawyer's Daily

July 30, 2020
Why Do Canadian Women Keep Dying at the Hands of Their Partners?
Sarah Boesveld, Refinery 29

July 14, 2020
Just who should deliver family law services in Ontario?
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

July 9, 2020
A four year old is dead because the legal system failed to protect her from her abusive father
Toula Drimonis, The Conversationlist

June 30, 2020
Economic abuse: Hard to spot, Harder to recover from
Natasha Bulowski, Policy Alternatives

June 29, 2020
Technology can create problems as well as solve them
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

June 18, 2020
Divorce Act delays jeopardize women and children 
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

June 11, 2020
The Smarter and Stronger Justice Act could jeopardize access to justice for women fleeing abuse
Pamela Cross, Appearance before Standing Committee on Justice Policy - Bill 161

June 9, 2020
Divorce reforms delayed as experts brace for post-pandemic surge in divorces
Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press for CTV News, the Globe & Mail, Winnipeg Free Press, Waterloo Chronicle, National Newswatch, Kelowna Daily, Richmond News, National Post and

June 5, 2020
No Surge In Domestic Violence Cases During COVID-19 Lockdown — But It's Happening
Laurie H. Pawlitza, for Torkin Manes LLP and Financial Post

May 21, 2020
Will new Divorce Act keep women and children fleeing abuse safe? The cons
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

May 9, 2020
Closed courts an obstacle for women fleeing abuse, Durham advocates say
Jeff Mitchell,

May 8, 2020
How To Help Someone Leave An Abusive Relationship During The Pandemic
Flannery Dean, Chatelaine

April 21, 2020
Justice Department 'working on responses' to custody issues during COVID-19: Monsef
Victoria Gibson, iPOLITICS

April 20, 2020
Forced to stay home with their abusers, Canadian victims of domestic violence must ‘choose between two pandemics’
Wendy Gillis, Toronto Star

April 17, 2020
COVID-19 is Making Canada's Domestic Violence Problem Worse
Sarah Boesveld, Chatelaine

April 17, 2020
It doesn't end just because she moves out
Pamela Cross, Luke’s Place

April 16, 2020
COVID-19 crisis complicates intimate partner violence issues, lawyers say
Ian Burns, The Lawyer's Daily

April 15, 2020
Women's equality advocate and legal expert on domestic violence wins 2020 Corry Award
Queen’s Law

April 14, 2020
COVID-19: Legal battles, sharing custody during the coronavirus pandemic

April 13, 2020
Her abusive ex won’t meet in public during the coronavirus pandemic. How can she pick up her kids?
Sandy Gerster, Global News

April 10, 2020
Whitby awards grants to groups helping offset the impact of coronavirus, Whitby this Week

April 9, 2020
Congratulations to four alumni trailblazers!
Queen’s Law

April 8, 2020
Staying home a curse for some
Chris Jones, The Oshawa Express

April 6, 2020
Domestic Violence During a Pandemic
The Agenda with Steve Paikin

March 29, 2020
When home isn’t safe: How coronavirus puts neighbours on front lines of abuse
Jane Gerster, Global News

March 25, 2020
GTA domestic violence groups brace for ‘perfect storm’ as abused women stay home amid COVID-19
Jim Rankin, Toronto Star,

March 20, 2020
COVID-19 measures may leave abused women 'trapped' at home
Reka Szekely,, Oshawa This Week

March 18, 2020
Women fleeing abuse affected by COVID-19
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

March 16, 2020
It doesn't end just because she moves out
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

March 13, 2020
Forward or Backward?
Pamela Cross, Canadian Women’s Foundation

February 18, 2020
Bill 161 could jeopardize access to justice for women fleeing abuse
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

February 3, 2020
Durham police receive $9.5-million Ontario grant
Jennifer O’Meara,

January 7, 2020
Women in rural, remote communities get long distance legal help
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily



December 23, 2019
How lawyers can stay safe in family violence cases
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

December 17, 2019
Family violence screening: What you don't know can hurt you
Pamela Cross, Luke’s Place for Justice Canada

November 28, 2019
The problem with family court
Esther, Gieringer, Owen Sound Hub

November 27, 2019
What you don't know can hurt you
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

November 1, 2019
The Friday Brief: Managing Editor's must-read items from this week
Matthew Grace, The Lawyer's Daily

October 31, 2019
Increasing access to justice through lawyer education
Pamela Cross, The Lawyer's Daily

October 16, 2019
Women cannot afford another conservative government
Pamela Cross and Farrah Khan, Toronto Star (Opinion)

October 8, 2019
Women's rights advocate receives provincial award
The Oshawa Express

October 2019
Guthrie Award Speech
Pamela Cross

September 20, 2019
‘It was terrible’: Woman killed in machete attack testified in 2018 that estranged husband had assaulted her
Wendy Gillis, Toronto Star

September 11, 2019
Pamela Cross receives 2019 Guthrie Award
The Law Foundation of Ontario

September 11, 2019
Pamela Cross to receive Law Foundation of Ontario’s Guthrie Award
Law Times

September 11, 2019
Law Foundation of Ontario honours lawyer for access to justice work
John Chunn, The Lawyer's Daily

May 23, 2019
Outstanding Ontario legal professionals honoured at 2019 Law Society Awards ceremony
Law Society of Ontario Gazette

May 17, 2019
Advancing Women's Equality: Pamela Cross receives 2019 Laura Legge Award
Law Society of Ontario Gazette

May 2019
Luke's Place receives Pickering Mayor's Gala grant 
snapd Pickering May Edition

April 26, 2019
Monsef announces $246K in funding for Elizabeth Fry Society
Joelle Kovach, The Peterborough Examiner

April 26, 2019
Government of Canada announces investment in women's organizations in Ontario
Government of Canada News Release

April 26, 2019
Peterborough groups among 6 Ontario women’s organizations to receive $1.6M in federal funding
Greg Davis, Global News

April 23, 2019
Luke’s Place in Durham a provincial model for supporting women leaving abusive relationships
Reka Szekely,

March 27, 2019
Non-profit law clinic in Oshawa and Ajax wins OBA Foundation Award

March 25, 2019
Law Society of Ontario awards set for May 22
John Chunn, The Lawyer's Daily

March 22, 2019
Family law charity helping abuse victims recognized by OBA, LSO
Anita Balakrishnan, Canadian Lawyer

March 22, 2019
Spotlight set to fall on Ghomeshi case as judgment looms
Diana Mehta, The Hamilton Spectator

March 14, 2019
'Be a champion for yourself,' human rights commissioner advises recent calls, women
Amanda Jerome, The Lawyer's Daily

February 26, 2019
Ajax funding helps charities, thousands of residents
Keith Gilligan,

January 24, 2019
New project aims to help family courts protect victims of domestic violence
Zosia Bielski, The Globe and Mail; reprinted by the Canadian Domestic Homocide Prevention Initiative

January 15, 2019
Luke's Place needs volunteers to support Durham women who have experienced abuse, Oshawa This Week

January 5, 2019
At least 148 women were killed in Canada last year. How do we keep them safer?
Jane Gerster, Global News

January 4, 2019
Luke’s Place Support & Resource Centre for Women & Children
snapd Oshawa