How to prepare to leave home safely

Family Court and Beyond workbook and worksheets

If you are preparing to leave your partner, it is a good idea to make a plan of what can be done before you leave and what you are going to take with you when you go. If it is safe to do so, you should take anything you need or think you may need…

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“Responding to gender-based violence” panel

Luke’s Place Advocacy Director, Pamela Cross, participated in a panel discussion on gender-based violence at the 2024 Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) conference held on January 21-23, 2024. The panel discussion, “Responding to Gender-Based Violence”, chaired by Mississippi Mills Mayor, Christa Lowry, was the first time this topic has been discussed at such a large…

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What does the law say about changing the locks?

Door handle with keys in the lock

What does the law say?  If you are married to your partner, the home you share is called the matrimonial home. According to the law in Ontario, you each have equal rights to occupy the home, regardless of whose name is on the deed or the lease. An exception would be a court order or…

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What is a parenting coordinator?

Mom with school aged boy

A parenting coordinator is a licensed mental health, legal, or certified family mediation professional with a degree in mental health. A parenting coordinator can help parents resolve minor parenting disputes only after a final order or agreement for parenting is in place.   A parenting coordinator can help resolve day-to-day conflicts such as:  Can the court…

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New resource: Toolkit for survivor’s friends and family members

If you are a family member or a friend of a woman with children who is leaving an abusive relationship, our newest toolkit, Supporting After Separation: A Toolkit of Legal Information and Resources for a Survivor’s Friends and Family Members is for you!   Below are some guiding principles in supporting a loved one who…

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Join our team! We’re hiring a Program Manager

About the organization:  Luke’s Place is an award-winning centre of excellence in family law support for women who have been subjected to intimate partner violence. We provide legal support services and summary legal services to hundreds of women and their children across Ontario every year and share our expertise with thousands of service providers.   Luke’s…

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Legal information sessions

We offer opportunities for Ontario women to learn about family law. These sessions are currently provided by video conference. Our workshops are free and confidential. Early information session Our early information session is a two-hour session. This session is for women who are in the early stages of their family law process dealing with violence…

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How to assist a woman with a parenting plan

Two women talking at a table

A parenting plan is a written document describing how your children will be raised and how parenting and decision-making will work after you and your partner separate.    A clear and detailed parenting plan will minimize your former partner’s ability to find loopholes to exploit to exercise power and control over you and the children.…

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Luke’s Place Legal Clinic

Luke’s Place connects women across Ontario to family law lawyers for free summary legal advice through our Legal Clinic. Our lawyers are experienced and trained on the issues women deal with when they leave an abusive partner. Women from Ontario can access our legal clinic via video conferencing or over the phone. Women in Durham…

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It’s not too late to make a big difference in the lives of women and children this year

Thanks to YOU, Ontario women were able to access the support they needed for their family law issues and receive important information about ongoing changes to court operations over the last year. This means that more women had a better understanding of their legal rights, the family court process, and their legal issues. Women were more empowered to speak in…

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