Case summary: Attention to the best interests of the child test

Mom with school aged boy

Stoughton v O’Ney 2019 ONSC 1531: This case is interesting primarily because, in his use of the best interests of the child test in the Children’s Law Reform Act, Justice Edwards meticulously examines and comments on each of the criteria. Sarah Stoughton and Jessica O’Ney were married and have a son who, at the time of the proceeding…

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Case summary: Mother seeking access to child in CAS care

Children’s Aid Society of the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin v. C.H., 2018 ONCJ 453 In this matter, the mother did not have the care of her children and was seeking access to one of the children. The mother had several mental health issues, a drug dependency problem, and a succession of relationships that resulted in…

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Recent case: Job loss during the pandemic and child support

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Moreton v Inthavixay 2020 ONSC 4881: This decision relates to the father’s request to reduce the amount of child support he was to pay because he lost his job due to the pandemic. However, it is also the most recent episode in a family law dispute that has been in litigation for three years, with…

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