The Divorce Act or the Children’s Law Reform Act: Which to use?

Recent changes to the provisions dealing with post-separation parenting arrangements in Ontario’s Children’s Law Reform Act (CLRA) bring it into alignment with the federal Divorce Act. Women may wonder whether one piece of legislation is better for their case than the other. This is very much a fact-specific decision. If the woman has a lawyer,…

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How can I support my clients who have remote court appearances?

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If supporting women as they prepare for and attend court is an important part of your job, here are some suggestions to assist you help them prepare for and attend virtual/remote court proceedings. Ahead of time Assist your client find out how her court appearance is going to take place. Will it be by telephone…

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Women’s experience with CAS

Child protection authorities exist to protect children from abuse and neglect. Also known as CAS, historically, their focus has been on situations in which the abuse or neglect has been directed at children themselves. Under provincial legislation, the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, child protection authorities have the mandate to intervene when they deem…

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It doesn’t end when she leaves: Post-separation abuse

Why doesn’t she leave? Many people, including judges and lawyers, believe that when a woman leaves an abusive partner, he will stop abusing her. Sadly, this is rarely the case. Women with abusive partners realize this. Knowing the abuser will continue the violence often prevents them from leaving. Staying with him means a woman knows…

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Managing back to school decisions during the pandemic with an abusive ex-partner: Tips for frontline workers

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Decision-making with an abusive ex-partner is never an easy or straightforward process. Even when the ex-partner has had little involvement in making decisions or planning for the children, many of them have plenty of ideas about what they think the mother should or should not do. For women with school-age children, decisions about education are…

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Webinar: Restraining orders and managing post-separation abuse

Post separation abuse: Violence continues/escalates upon separation, Likely in family court, Tactics to stop her from leaving or to retaliate, Not recognized by those who have power to challenge abuser

Family violence continues and often escalates post-separation. This webinar explores post-separation abuse and strategies for managing it, including restraining orders and safety planning. What is a restraining order? How would someone get one? This webinar answers those questions and more. This webinar is the latest in a series on family law issues when there’s family…

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