Family court operations: Guide for the pandemic

Woman in business suit with face mask

Luke’s Place has just launched a new resource that guides women and workers on Ontario’s family court operations. In March 2020, family courts moved quickly and efficiently to ensure their operations were consistent with provincial public health protocols put in place to limit spread of the COVID-19 virus. During this process, many of those involved…

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Court notice finder: Up-to-date information about family court

Lawyer looks at documents

A new website, Court Notice Finder, put together by a number of Ontario family law legal professionals, organizes the: “voluminous – and often changing – information found in the various Court Notices issued on behalf of Family Law courthouses across Ontario since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.” This is a very useful tool for…

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How to manage tech abuse with safety planning & family law

This webinar provides information on how technology can be used against women experiencing intimate ex/partner violence and provides tips for survivors and advocates around safety planning, managing electronic communication and how to this may be addressed in family court. This webinar is another in the series on family law issues when there’s family violence presented…

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Webinar: Supporting women who live in rural and remote communities

Women living in rural and remote communities face unique challenges when they decide to leave an abusive relationship, including distance, lack of services, isolation and limited access to lawyers. This webinar presents tips and strategies for supporting women who are facing these and other barriers, with a focus on women’s emotional and physical safety. This…

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