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Domestic Violence Public Service Announcement to Air during Super Bowl

A 30 second public service announcement (PSA) will air during the Super Bowl addressing domestic violence. The video below is the longer version. In the message a woman calls 911 pretending to order a pizza. The message shows no direct

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Luke’s Place Launches Map of Family Law Support Services for Abused Women in Ontario

Family law support services map

Women who have experienced partner violence and are involved in family law processes now have a new resource. Luke’s Place offers an online map of Ontario services that provide free family law support. Women can use the map to find

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Can a woman’s family court case have an impact on her immigration matter?

mom consoling toddler girl

The timing of a woman’s application to family court can be very important to her immigration case.  If she has lived in Canada for many years and has had custody of her Canadian child without formalizing that relationship in family

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Violence Against Women: Health and Justice for Canadian Muslim Women

Luke’s Place Legal Director Pamela Cross has recently completed a project with the Canadian Council of Muslim Women. Pamela conducted research and wrote a paper that examined four aspects of violence against women in Canadian Muslim communities: female genital cutting,

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Luke’s Place Launches Our Training Website

training site screen shot

Luke’s Place has launched a training website for service providers who support women abuse survivors: Workers who participate in many of our in-person trainings will gain access to further resources on this online space. The site will also host

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Luke’s Place webinar: Understanding the intersections and conflicts among family, criminal and immigration law

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Many women who have left abusive relationships find themselves involved in several, sometimes conflicting, legal systems. This webinar examines family, criminal and immigration law from this perspective, with a focus on gaps and conflicts, so frontline workers can better support

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Information About Victim Impact Statements

Many women find themselves involved in criminal as well as family court. Women whose partners have been found guilty of a criminal charge related to abuse may wish to complete a Victim Impact Statement. A recent webinar on Your Legal

Luke’s Place webinar: Understanding the best interests of the child test

woman holding a little boy

All custody and access decisions are made using the best interests of the child test, as set out in section 24 of the Children’s Law Reform Act. The test has a number of factors that judges are required to consider

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Luke’s Place Webinar: Restraining orders

mom consoling toddler girl

Our webinar on restraining orders, designed for service providers, provides tips about how and where women can gather evidence to support their application as well as suggestions about safety planning both before and after the restraining order is obtained. This

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Evidence required for a permanent restraining order

thoughtful young woman

Courts do not issue permanent restraining orders readily, but they are possible to obtain. The court must be satisfied that the woman’s fear is both reasonable and ongoing and that there is little or no reason to think that fear

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