Family violence is relevant in family law processes

woman holding a little boy

A new report published by the Department of Justice Canada describes what many of us already know about family violence and family law processes:

In a family law context, violence, abuse and neglect within families can have wide ranging, long-term effects. Family and criminal courts may offer contrary rulings that confuse and frustrate matters and may put family members at risk. And ultimately, there are costs – both financial and human.

A few highlights from the report include:

  • Family violence is a gender-based crime: most victims are women and girls.
  • One out of four violent crimes in Canada reported to police involves family violence, but almost three-quarters of people who live with partner abuse do not report it to the police.
  • A woman is six times more likely to be killed by her partner if she separates from him than if she lives with him.
  • Children are exposed to post-separation violence in the majority of incidents.
  • Restraining orders are violated half the time.
  • Family law lawyers report that one in five of their cases involve family violence.
  • Judges report family violence is an issue in one in four cases.

Read the full report on the Department of Justice website.