For service providers

many hands reaching inLuke’s Place is committed to developing and delivering high quality resources to service providers working with abuse survivors.

Our products and services are grounded in our direct service delivery experience with the diverse population of the Durham Region and informed by Ontario-wide training projects.

  • Luke’s Place offers training for service providers who are supporting abused women through the family court, which we can tailor to meet the specific needs of your organization or community.
  • Family Court and Beyond is a wide assortment of family law information and tools for women that service providers can use in their work with clients.
  • The After She Leaves program offers online and in-person training and a manual for service providers on family law issues relevant to women who have left abusive relationships.
  • The Emergency Motions Toolkit instructs readers on how to create an effective Emergency Motion for a variety of different situations.
  • The Tech Safety Toolkit is a collection of resources for women and service providers on managing tech abuse.

These projects are available thanks to support from…

Status of Women - Government of CanadaTrillium Foundation of Ontario Ontario GovernmentThe Law Foundation of Ontario - Access to Justice