Family Court and Beyond

Workbook and OrganizerThe Family Court and Beyond program provides family law information and tools for women. We encourage service providers to use this material in their work with clients. This can be done informally or through our workshop templates.

Topics covered

Family Court and Beyond is interactive material designed for women at any point in the family court process.

It includes legal information and tips on many topics related to a family law case:

  • common family law issues
  • family court services
  • family court processes
  • working with a lawyer
  • challenges a woman might encounter in her case, such as legal bullying by the abusive ex-partner

There is also content on

  • safety planning, self care and the role of a woman’s advocate
  • specific situations, for example:
    • if a woman lives in a rural community
    • considerations for Indigenous women
    • how an immigration or criminal law case can impact a family court case

Worksheets are an essential part of Family Court and Beyond. These help women to personalize the resources and organize their family law case. Some examples include:

  • checklists on abuse behaviour, leaving home checklist and gathering evidence
  • safety planning tools for women and their children
  • assessing a lawyer worksheet
  • a continuing record chart
  • court appearances summary

Formats to share with women

Family Court and Beyond is available in a variety of formats:

  • The beautiful, spiral bound 200-page Family Court and Beyond Survival Workbook, available for service providers in sets of 10 ($175 per set)
  • A small, spiral bound Organizer with the worksheets, key legal information and a list of Ontario services, also available in sets of 10 ($70 per set)
  • The website, which offers all the content for free
  • Downloadable versions of the Survival Workbook and the Organizer, also available for free from the website
  • Individual worksheets may be downloaded from the website as well

View of slide with notes: What to expect at conferences

Workshop templates

Service providers who have participated in any Luke’s Place in-person trainings can also access workshop templates for Family Court and Beyond. These slide presentations are guides for talking with your clients about different stages of the family court process using the Family Court and Beyond material. Each slide includes detailed notes for the presenter.

To access to the workshop templates, please contact

You can purchase sets of the Survival Workbook and the Organizer through our CanadaHelps account.

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