Resources for family court support advocates

Luke’s Place provides important online resources to family court advocates in Ontario. This information is intended for service providers assisting a woman who has experienced violence as she moves through the family court process.

Training site screen shotMaterials include resources and information about family court process, family law, common issues that arise for women involved with family court and safety planning.

Also included are resources for women, such as a checklist to assist women in gathering evidence of the abuse they have experienced, information about online resources to assist women in completing court documents, regular announcements and updates and links to other related online resources and training opportunities.

To access the resources, please contact admin @ You will need to provide us with your name, position, agency name and email address in order that we may register you with our training site. Once registered, you can self-enroll in the resource area.

NOTE: Anyone registering for free access to this space will automatically receive email notifications about changes to the law and other legal resources related to violence against women.

This project is available thanks to the support of…
Ontario Government