It shouldn’t be this hard

A gender-based analysis of family law, family court and violence against women

by Pamela Cross for Luke’s Place, September 2012

Cover of report "It shouldn't be this hard"

About this report:

This paper examines Ontario family law and the family court system, including recent and anticipated changes to both, through a gendered intersectional lens. In particular, it provides a gender-based intersectional analysis of the implications of family law and the family court system for women who have experienced violence and their children.

The paper has three principle goals. The first is to provide support to frontline workers who assist women involved with family court. The second is to increase the ability of women to negotiate their way through this system so they emerge at the other end with their legal rights respected and with outcomes that keep them and their children safe.

The third is to provide violence against women workers, advocates, and activists with the tools they need to work for change at the community, provincial, and national level.

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