Virtual Legal Clinic for Women who have Experienced Violence

The Technological and Related Considerations

by Paula Wansbrough, February 2015

Cover of report "Virtual Legal Clinic for Women who have Experienced Violence"About this report:

The purpose of this report is to provide Luke’s Place with information on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a virtual legal clinic for women who have experienced abuse and violence in their personal relationships.

This report investigates:

  • the successes of and challenges faced by current projects that use video conferencing technology to connect lawyers to people needing legal advice
  • the risks involved with video conferencing technology, particularly around security
  • video conferencing services, in particular, those used by current projects

The report concludes by providing recommendations on:

  • which technology Luke’s Place might select if it was to move ahead with a virtual legal clinic
  • how to support users of a proposed clinic

Read the full report (PDF)