Training for service providers

“I can’t say enough about how helpful this training was and how everything was put together in such an organized way.”

- Community worker, in-person training


Luke’s Place delivers high quality training to people working with abuse survivors. Women who have left an abusive relationship will  have family law issues, such as deciding on parenting arrangements for children, safety concerns, property division and support needs. Sometimes these issues intersect with other legal issues, like criminal charges, immigration/refugee status and child protection.

Luke's Place delivers trainings that fit the needs of various communities of advocates.

Training topics

We provide training on:

  • Family law and family court, designed for those who work with women who may be subjected to violence
  • How gender-based violence impacts family court, for those in the legal sector

Specific topics related to family court:

  • Gender-based analysis of violence against women, family law and family court
  • Intersections between family law/court and criminal law/court
    Intersections between family law and immigration law
  • Separation violence and family court
  • Providing support to women who do not have a lawyer
  • Working effectively with lawyers and court officials
  • Marriage/divorce/common-law relationships
  • Court-related safety planning
  • Family court process, step by step
  • Arrangements for children
  • Child and spousal support
  • Division of property
  • Domestic contracts
  • Child protection
  • Emergency motions
  • Managing the work

Sample training slides

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Training formats

We are skilled in delivering training a variety of ways. Select the format that best suits the learning style of your staff and the needs of your organization and community.

Who we train

Since 2011, Luke’s Place has led training for Ontario’s Family Court Support Workers. We provide webinars and online resources, moderate discussion forums, and host an annual in-person training and networking event. This initiative is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Since 2017, Luke’s Place has trained Legal Aid Ontario lawyers and staff as part of LAO’s Domestic Violence strategy. In-person training was delivered to regional groups in 2017-2018.

We recently delivered fee-for-service trainings to these organizations:

  • Kenora Chiefs Advisory (1 hour training)
  • Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (in-person 2 day)
  • YWCA Toronto (in-person 1 day)
  • Victim Services of Peel (in-person 1 day)
  • Women’s Place, St. Thomas (in-person 1 day)
  • Durham Regional Police Service (in-person ½ day)

Catalyst funding from The Law Foundation of Ontario allowed us to offer free webinars in collaboration with:

  • Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses
  • Community Legal Information Ontario

What people say about our training

“I learned so much about family law and the family court process, which is so important for my work! I also really appreciated the resources that were linked and discussed throughout the training – especially!”

- Community worker, in-person training


“Very informative. Valuable information. Always refreshing. Truly a remarkable presentation. So helpful in the work we do.”

- Community service manager, in-person training


“This training is going to provide much needed knowledge to our community.”

- Community worker, in-person training


“I really value the [online] discussion forum. Each time I have posted a question/presented a problem I take away relevant information. Several times a week I access this site. In fact, I feel more confident and equipped because of the forum.”

- Family Court Support Worker


“It left no stone unturned and being so busy, this will help immensely. I am so grateful for this opportunity.”

- Community worker, in-person training