Group sessions

We currently offer three different group sessions for women. To register, or for more information, please contact 905.728.0978 ext. 235 or email us.

Early Information Sessions


  • one two-hour session
  • offered every two weeks

These sessions are for women who…

  • are in the early stages of their family law process, and
  • may or may not have a lawyer

What these sessions provide:

  • answers to common questions about the family law process
  • tips on navigating the family law system
  • safety planning
  • an information package
  • information about other services offered by Luke’s Place and in the community

Legal Information Workshops


  • workshops run weekly in Spring and Fall on various legal topics such as working with your lawyer, completing financial statements, restraining orders, applying for custody
  • participate in one, some, or all of the workshops

These sessions are for women who…

  • are involved in a family court case
  • want to become “family law literate”
  • may or may not have a lawyer

Delivered by a family law lawyer and a legal support worker, these sessions provide:

  • information on the family court process
  • tips on positive relationships with lawyers
  • tips on completing family court forms
  • an information package

Family Law Networking Groups


  • weekly meetings

These sessions are for women who…

  • have left an abusive relationship
  • are involved or may become involved in a family court case
  • would like some ongoing support

This is a peer support group that provides:

  • an opportunity to share strategies and information about navigating the family law process
  • emotional support from other women in similar situations
  • a trained facilitator who guides discussion and can offer referrals

Topics that may be covered include:

  • the impact of abuse on children
  • helping children cope with separation and divorce
  • setting boundaries
  • becoming more assertive
  • the challenges of co-parenting
  • self care and self esteem

For more information on any of these groups, please contact 905.728.0978 ext. 228 or email

These services are available thanks to the support of…

Status of Women - Government of Canada Ontario Government