Legal information sessions

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We offer opportunities for Ontario women to learn about family law. Currently these sessions are offered by video conference. Our workshops are free and confidential.

To register, or for more information, please contact 905.728.0978 ext. 221 or email us.

Early Information Sessions


  • one two-hour session

These sessions are for women who…

  • are in the early stages of their family law process, and
  • may or may not have a lawyer
  • are dealing with violence in their relationships or former relationships

What these sessions provide:

  • answers to common questions about the family law process
  • tips on navigating the family law system
  • safety planning
  • an information package
  • information about other services offered by Luke’s Place and in the community
  • print copies of our Family Court and Beyond workbook and organizer

Book ahead to attend an Early Information Session.

Family Law Information Workshops


  • workshops run every other week on various legal topics such as working with your lawyer, completing financial statements, restraining orders, and arrangements for children
  • participate in one, some, or all of the workshops

These sessions are for women who…

  • are involved in a family court case
  • want to become “family law literate”
  • may or may not have a lawyer

Delivered by a family law lawyer and a legal support worker, these sessions provide:

  • information on the family court process
  • tips on positive relationships with lawyers
  • tips on completing family court forms
  • an information package

To register or for more information about these groups, please contact us at 905.728.0978 ext. 221 or email

We use the term women to include all self-identified women (including two-spirited, cisgender or transgender women) 16 years of age and older.

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