Resource library

We welcome women to our library. It contains books, flyers, reports, and dvd’s on many topics. Most items may be signed out for three weeks. Some resources are for reference only.

Booking time with our library will also give you access to faxing, photocopying and a computer with Internet connection. A volunteer can assist you in finding and completing court forms that are available online.

To set up your library appointment, call 905.728.0978 or email us to make an appointment:

Here are some of the topics covered:

Legal issues:

  • child support
  • custody and access
  • divorce and separation
  • stalking and criminal harassment
  • immigration
  • legal aid
  • family court process
  • mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR)


  • parenting
  • impact of violence on children
  • child care

Recovering from abuse:

  • violence in relationships and families
  • abusers
  • healthy relationships
  • self care
  • sexual assault/sexual abuse
  • cultural considerations
  • other health issues


  • government
  • in the Durham Region

Woman abuse research:

  • community responses and protocols
  • reports and studies
  • social and public policies
  • surveys and statistics