Family law resource room

Brown hands with pen and paper

We welcome women to our Family Law Resource Room. It’s a safe and private work space to prepare court documents.

Located in a secure area in our organization, the Resource Room offers a library of specialized legal journals and software, a phone line, computers, a scanner, fax and printer/copier.

It contains books, flyers, reports, and DVD’s on many topics. Most items may be signed out for three weeks. Some resources are for reference only.

One of our Legal/Family Court Support Workers or a volunteer can assist you in finding reference material, completing court forms and using special software that will make it a little easier to get your family’s history down on paper.

To access the Resource Room

Book the Resource Room with your Legal/Family Court Support Worker. If you are new to our services, call us at 905.728.0978, toll free at 1.866.516.3116, or email us to book an appointment.

Resources available

Here are some of the topics covered in the material we have available:

Legal issues

  • child support
  • custody and access
  • divorce and separation
  • stalking and criminal harassment
  • immigration
  • legal aid
  • family court process
  • mediation and alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR)


  • parenting
  • impact of violence on children
  • child care

Recovering from abuse

  • violence in relationships and families
  • abusers
  • healthy relationships
  • self care
  • sexual assault/sexual abuse
  • cultural considerations
  • other health issues


  • government
  • in the Durham Region

Woman abuse research

  • community responses and protocols
  • reports and studies
  • social and public policies
  • surveys and statistics

The Family Law Resource Room is supported by the Calvin and Frances Hamm Foundation and...

Canadian Women's Foundation

We use the term women to include all self-identified women (including two-spirited, cisgender or transgender women) 16 years of age and older.

Resources for women