Going the Distance: Supporting rural and remote survivors with family law issues

Between 20 and 30% of Canada’s population lives in rural areas, yet public policy and community services all too often focus on the needs of those living in urban areas.

Going the Distance, a resource for service providers from Luke’s Place, provides strategies for supporting abuse survivors who have family law issues.

Location affects every aspect of people’s lives: education, housing, employment, health care and more.

Women who have experienced or who are experiencing violence are affected significantly by where they live. While the presence of violence against women and the laws – both family and criminal – that are intended to respond to it are the same regardless of where people live, the way the violence plays out and the effectiveness of policy and service responses are profoundly shaped by where people live.

Going the Distance is divided into two sections:

1) Understanding the Rural and Remote Experience, and

2) Strategies for Supporting Rural and Remote Women.

The first section is designed for workers and decision-makers who are unfamiliar with the challenges and experiences that come with rural and remote living. It may also affirm the experiences of workers and women living in small communities. The second section helps us all think of ways to support violence survivors in these areas.

Download Going the Distance

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