Luke’s Place Legal Clinic

Luke’s Place connects women across Ontario to family law lawyers for free summary legal advice through our Legal Clinic. Our lawyers are experienced and trained on the issues women deal with when they leave an abusive partner. Women from Ontario can access our legal clinic via video conferencing or over the phone. Women in Durham Region can access our clinic virtually or in person.

For women in Durham Region and throughout Ontario, you can use our Legal Clinic if you are a woman who:

  • Has experienced violence or any form of abuse in your relationship
  • Has a family law legal issue for which you wish to receive summary legal advice (e.g. parenting arrangements, financial arrangements, safety concerns)
  • Does not have a lawyer for the legal issue(s) you wish to discuss

In addition to having access to our Legal Clinic as described above, if you reside in Durham Region and have just received an emergency order from the court, you may be able to receive limited-scope legal services from a staff lawyer to help you prepare for the return court date of the motion.

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For more information contact us at 1-866-516-3116 or email to book an appointment.