Research by Luke's Place

We collaborate with academics, women and their advocates, and the legal sector to examine the intersection of family violence and family law.

Share your experiences with the Ontario family law system with us!

  • Have you been abused or are you experiencing abuse by your partner or ex-partner?
  • Have you been involved in the Ontario family law system, or are you dealing with the system now?

If you're a woman or 2SLGBTQIA+ person who has experienced intimate partner violence, and is or was involved with family court, lawyers, family court support workers and/or other legal professionals, we want to hear from you! 

We invite you to contribute to new research to better understand what women and 2SLGBTQIA+ people face and need with respect to their family law issues (i.e., separation, parenting, financial support, etc.) and the Ontario family law system. 

The information you provide will be used to improve your experiences and outcomes within the family law system.

Learn more information, including how to participate in this research. 

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